Production 4wds battle to heat up at Bencubbin

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The Production 4wd class is one of the mostly hotly contested and even classes in the 2016 CAMS, PGS Industries Western Australian Off Road Racing Championship. The 2016 Marsue Transport Bencubbin 360 is set to be no different, with a field of 5 4wds ready to duke it out in their quest to be #1. We take a look at the form guide for each of the competitors

#736 – Ted Schultz is coming all the way from Carnarvon and will be out to make sure that after a long haul to get to the event he brings home the class win. His Jeep Grand Cherokee has a cult following and surprises many with pace a reliability. If Ted has a clean run, the former Production 4wd WAORC class champion could well be laughing all the way back to Carnarvon

#750 – Chris Dawes in the Roadrunner Off Road GU Patrol is a bit of an unknown quantity coming into this race. In previous years Dawes would have come into the event as a red hot favorite having been a dominant force in previous years, but after a few events out whilst he works in a new vehicle and making changes to the big purple patrol, who knows what the #750 machine is capable of?

#764 – Ben Armstrong has shown in the last 2 events that whilst his GQ is the oldest vehicle entered that he should not be underestimated! Watch for Ben to ring the neck of the #764 Bottle-fed Racing Nissan and whilst the long straights of Bencubbin may not play into the strengths of the GQ, don’t be fooled into thinking that Ben wont be a serious contender for the class win come Sunday night

#777 – Nicholas Van Geest steps into father Dirks GU patrol for the Marsue Transport Bencubbin 360 for his 2nd drive of the year. After showing some impressive lap times at the recent Narrogin Chase Van Geest has proven that he can pedal the #777 patrol very hard. Definitely a contender for the class win and likely to be pushing some of the other more fancied classes for outright positions

#790 – Graeme Bentink is certainly coming to grips with his diesel powered rocket in the last few events. Whilst there have been some question marks

over the strength of the gearbox in the #790, Bentink is confident that Bencubbin could be the turning point of his season. Packing a massive punch thanks to the work of G Turbo, the VDJ 79 Landcruiser is a definite dark horse in the Production 4wd field. The other competitors will need to work hard so that they aren’t left behind in a trail of diesel soot!