Changes to Marsue Transport Bencubbin 360

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***Important Information from the event organisers***

With track marking completed there will be a few small changes to the format for this weekends 2016 Marsue Transport Bencubbin 360.

Firstly due to popular demand the Prologue track has been increased in length to 25 kilometres. The increased distance should give a better result for the start order for Section 1.

Additionally the main track length has also been increased to 75 kilometres. As a result Section 1 will remain at one lap, however Section 2 will now change from being 5 laps to 4 laps. Total race distance will change from 360 kilometres to 375 kilometres. The number of compulsory 20 minute pit stops for Section 2 will remain at 2.

There will also be some small timing changes.

Full details of the changes will be issued in the Drivers packs at documentation