2016 Champions

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After 6 gruelling rounds, the 2016 CAMS, PGS Industries WAORC has now drawn to a close. Throughout the classes there are many well deserving winners and hard luck stories. Congratulations to all the class and outright champions for 2016

Driver – Brett Smith
Navigator – Aaron Smithson

Pro Buggy
Driver – Brad Cooper
Navigator – Aaron Smithson

Prolite Buggy
Driver – Brett Smith
Navigator – Deanna Smith

Super 1650 Buggy
Driver – Aaron Dark
Navigator – Robert Dark

Driver – Brad Close
Navigator – Celeb Close

Extreme 2wd
Driver – Greg Pickersgill
Navigator – Greg Finlay

Performance 2wd
Driver – Jordan Russell
Navigator – Nathan Russell

Production 4wd
Driver – Ben Armstrong
Navigator – David Turner

Extreme 4wd
Driver – Russell Cullen
Navigator – Jade Armstrong

Final Points are available here