Points Update – Yeardley makes his move

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The 2017 Carnarvon Motel Three Springs 360 has proven to throw a spanner in the works for the outright championship as well as in the classes. With just 1 round remaining of the 2017 CAMS, Carnarvon Motel WAORC remaining, its going to go down to the wire!

Mal Yeardley has taken over the lead of this years championship and is in the driving seat heading into the Black Diamond Drilling Kalgoorlie Desert Race. However this championship is far from over!Look out for updates in the next week or so as we will be crunching the numbers to work out who is contention for their respective titles

Current Leaders

Outright – #171 Mal Yeardley
Pro Buggy – #932 Mark Cramer
Prolite Buggy- #171 Mal Yeardley
Super 1650 – #269 Daniel Allen
Extreme 2wd – #425 Greg Pickersgill
Performance 2wd – #583 Mathew Beck
Production 4wd – #790 Graeme Bentink
Extreme 4wd – #823 Brad Krepp
Superlite A -#6627 Mark Wainwright
Superlite B – #699 Ashley Sudholz
Sportslite – #1032 Peter Barrett

Points can be found here