Final results from the GTurbo Perenjori Rod Hatter Memorial 360

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The Carnarvon Motel Western Australian Off Road Championship Round 1 has been run and won.  The WA Labour Day long weekend provided the perfect 3 day break from the daily grind to get out to the wheatbelt town of Perenjori 348 kms north Perth. The town’s population of 276 swelled by almost the same amount as the WAORC Clubs took the trip from around the state to get their cars running and see if their hard work over the break had paid off.

As always there were challenges on and off the track. It wasn’t the extreme temperatures as experienced last year, but it certainly was hot and the dust was light and fine covering everyone and everything when racing was underway. At times there was some wind to keep the drivers happy as the dust quickly left their trail allowing for those behind to have better line of sight during the chase. Of course the flies were also a delight to have in swarms of the thousands.

The Prologue and Section 1 were undertaken on Day 1 and Sections 2 and 3 were run on Day 2.   The WAORC website and Facebook page will provide the overall results and follow up articles will come out in the next short while with accompanying media and stories. This will include the UAV aerial imagery taken by Remote Imaging Solutions. After it was all said and done, the final standings are detailed below:

Outright Top 3:

  1. Harleigh Uren – Extreme 2WD
  2. Brad Cooper and Peter Barrett – Pro Buggy
  3. Colin Doney and Peter Doney – Extreme 2WD

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Outright by class Top 3:

Pro Buggy

  1. Brad Cooper and Peter Barrett
  2. Craig Wells and Marcus Wells
  3. Darren Agrela and Ryan Barton


  1. Jared Percival and Darryn Beckett
  2. Mark Jarrett and Glen Humphries
  3. Malcolm Yeardley and Dave Cowan


  1. Deon Visagie

Super 1650

  1. Michael Davis and Kerry Yaxley
  2. John Flynn and Garry Howe
  3. Charlie Edwards and Samual Cain

Extreme 2WD

  1. Harleigh Uren
  2. Colin Doney and Peter Doney
  3. Karl Richardson and Shane Walsh

Performance 2WD

  1. Mathew Beck and Fluffy Fahey
  2. Michael French and Karina Graham

SXS Sport

  1. Mark Wainwright and Kev Dimsdale

SXS Turbo

  1. Dean Terry and Brandon Terry
  2. Christopher Unstead and Nick Scolaro
  3. Ashley Sudholz and Michael Hidderley

Production 4WD

  1. Travis Epis and Asher Hyland

Extreme 4WD

  1. Mitchell Davies and Owen Davies
  2. Adrian Brestovac and Daniel Jones
  3. Nicholas van Geest and James Eames

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