Points Update – After 4 Rounds

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After 4 Rounds of the 2018 CAMS, Carnarvon Motel WAORC there is an intriguing battle developing for the championship and throughout the classes

Outright – Colin Doney leads the way on 67 points, but has finished in the points at all 4 events so far. Behind him, Harleigh Uren, Darren Agrela, Jared Percival and Mark Jarrett all appear to be within striking distance, with most already having a 0 next to one of their points tallies.Three Springs and Kalgoorlie are certainly shaping up to be crucial to the contenders title aspirations

Pro Buggy – Darren Agrela has a commanding lead in the Pro Buggy class with Shane Elphinstone and Craig Wells looking to chase him down. Strong results and consistence at all 4 rounds has seen the #39 machine surge to the class lead, but can they hold on into the back half of the season

Prolite – Jared Percival has a slim lead over Mark Jarrett, with the duo set to duke it out over the remaining rounds. Yeardley, Clucas and Rowett could spoil the party, but would need everything to go their way to mount a charge towards the top of the points

Super 1650 – The 1650 class has seen some close racing this year, with Michael Davis leading the way ahead of Daniel Allen and Aaron Dark who are tied for points in 2nd place. Whilst Davis will be the favorite to go on with it from here, there is still over 800 kms of racing to go this year

Extreme 2wd – Colin Doney in the Blue beetle is the leader of the Extreme 2wd class, however he is steadily being hunted down by the #446 Maxxis Truck of Harleigh Uren. Whilst Doney has competed at every event this season and has been rewarded for his consistency, Uren dropped the Gascoyne Dash earlier this year, but has used his strong pace to close the gap. This class is definitely going to go down to the wire

Performance 2wd – Matthew Beck is the defending Performance 2wd champion and is doing a stellar job so far. He has gapped the rest of the field and is one of the only competitors to be in a comfortable position as we head into the last 2 events

Production 4wd – Travis Epis has dominated this years Production 4wd class of the WAORC. The Blue Thunder GQ Patrol is on a hot streak picking off several wins this season and it would take a miracle for one of the chasers to hunt him down

Extreme 4wd – Mitchell Davies has a slight advantage over Adrian Brestovac who is having a strong first season in the WAORC. Davies has been one of the quickest competitors all year, but the chasing pack will keep him honest all the way to the final chequered flag

SXS Turbo – This class has been hotly contested in 2018 with youngster Michael Ware currently the top points man. Making it a Polaris 1-2 is Drew Millar, with Chris Unstead who missed Round 3 due to competing at Finke sitting in 3rd and flying the flag for CanAm. This tightly contested battle could almost be compared to the old V8 Supercars Holden vs Ford rivalry, with Polaris and CanAm going toe to toe and putting their pride on the line

Sportslite – Peter Barrett has clawed his way into the lead of the Sportslite class after Deon Visagie had jumped out to a big lead. The Carnarvon Motel man leads by just 360 points which means this battle could be turned on its head by just 1 bad section

SXS Sport – Mark Wainwright has taken solid points so far this year to be the top SXS sport competitor. The Yamaha has been so quick that its even upset many of the turbo competitors on his way

Full points are available here

Agrela Aces the Mid West Challenge

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The 4th round of the 2018 CAMS, Carnarvon Motel WAORC was the Cochrane’s Transport Mid West Challenge and not only is it a challenge by name, but this event served up some of the toughest racing in Australia.  A field of 44 competitors was reduced to 43 when the Pro buggy of Dave Hickey pulled out pre event, but there was still a stellar line up ready to take do battle around the hills in the Shire of Eganu

Day 1 would see a prologue, followed by 2 laps of the course for section 1. The prologue was a fast and furious affair, with all drivers pushing the limits in their quest for pole position. Nathaniel Edwards in the #160 Prolite showed why he is the reigning event winner, flying on his way to the top spot. Behind him, Harleigh Uren, Darren Agrela and Shane Elphinstone filled out the top 4  spots, setting in motions a line up what would be an awesome spectacle for the afternoons racing. Marcus Wells slotted into 5th outright, a great result for the young charger in his twin turbo pro buggy. Other noteable prologue results included Dean Terry and Chris Unstead who piloted their Can Am X3’s to 9th and 10th outright. Mitchell Davies was top qualifier in Extreme 4wd whilst Peter Barrett piloted his Sportslite buggy to 17th outright

As section 1 got underway it was clear that this race was just starting to heat up. Edwards and Mclean made good of their early lead to set the fastest time, some 18 seconds ahead of the next best competitor. Darren Agrela was on a charge, passing Harleigh Uren as they passed through the spectator area on lap 2 thrilling the crowd with some awesome close racing.Shane Elphinstone slotted into 3rd outright, whilst 2nd place qualifier Uren dropped to 4th after he had some issues late in lap 2 dropping him a few minutes off the pace. Brad Cooper looked quick early until driveline issues sidelined the #968 machine whilst Mark Jarrett was a big mover, up to 6th after qualifying 11th. Event sponsor Barry Cochrane was debuting the ex Kevin Hood Pro Truck, but had a race to forget, power steering issues on prologue and then an oil hose letting go in section 1 put him out of the event The field had already been wittled down with just 24 competitors completing the 2 full 2 laps

Sunday morning would see the race take it up a notch, Edwards again lead the field away but early on lap 2 his charge came to an abrupt halt as he rolled the buggy which then caught fire. Fortunately the fire was put out and the crew were able to restart the final section of the race. Agrela took a well deserved lead with Uren up into 2nd place in his trophy truck as fuel issues put paid to the Elphinstones strong run. Mark Jarret continued his strong drive, setting the the 3rd quickest time ahead of Colin Doney, Chris Unstead and Mitchell Davies who was on a charge in his Navara Extreme 4wd

The final section saw the scene set for a massive battle, however Darren Agrela bolted, seeting the quickest time for the section by some margin. The #39 Jimco had beaten one of the toughest event on the calendar to seal 1st outright for the Undecided Racing Team. In 2nd place on road, Harleigh Uren was pushing hard until he broke an axle with half a lap remaining. The One Speed Racing Team limped home with 1 wheel drive in heavy sand with Mark Jarrett overtaking the #446 machine on road. Jarrett pushed hard all the way to the finish line, but couldn’t quite make up enough time to steal 2nd place, with Uren home in 2nd and Jarrett 3rd. Colin Doney banked strong championship points with a 4th outright and second in Extreme 2wd ahead of Chris Unstead who won the SXS Turbo class despite having turbo dramas late in the race. Mitchell Davies won the Extreme 4wd class wtih Daniel Allen best of the Super 1650’s and Travis Epis first in Production 4wd. Mathew Beck brought the Kingswood home for another popular Performance 2wd win as only 17 cars completed full race distance

Race Results can be found here

The WAORC now turns to its final 2 rounds, with Three Springs and Kalgoorlie playing host to what should be a thrilling end to the championship


Carnarvon Motel WAORC Progressive Championship Points Table – Round 3

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After Round 3 of the Carnarvon Motel WAORC  – The Marsue Transport Bencubbin 400, the progressive totals have been calculated and can be found in the spreadsheet below.


Final results from the 2018 Marsue Transport Bencubbin 400

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The 2018 Carnarvon Motel WAORC Series has wrapped up Round 3 in Bencubbin over the WA Day Long weekend. 50 cars were registered at the start of the event and over the 2 days of Prologue, and Sections, the field was whittled down to 38 finishing Section 1 and 22 finishing Section 2. There were a few tough luck stories with 4 cars rolling over during the race, but the safety systems in place for the WAORC saw that everyone walked away without a scratch. The track was well set out, and the farmers of the Mt Marshall Shire provided a great race in the 9th year of it being held at Bencubbin.

Bul Racing 469 (credit: Bul Racing 469)

Section 2 on Sunday went for many hours and over this period teams were able to pit and then carry on racing to complete the required 5 laps. Line honours went to Doney Racing (Colin and Peter) with Harleigh Uren taking outright winner for the second year in a row at the Bencubbin 400.

The Outright Placings were as follows: 

  1. Harleigh Uren   Extreme 2WD
  2. Shane and Curt Elphinstone   Pro Buggy
  3. Jared Percival and Darren Beckett   Prolite


Outright winners (credit: Emma Howe)


Class Results


Photo credits: Emma Howe

Pro Buggy

  1. Shane and Curt Elphinstone
  2. David Hickey and Ashley Ruthers
  3. Darren Agrela and Ryan Barton


  1. Jared Percival and Darren Beckett
  2. Mark Jarrett and Glen Humphries
  3. Jake Clucas


  1. Peter Barrett and Craig Carson
  2. Deon Visagie

Super 1650

  1. Aaron and Jerilyn Dark
  2. Michael Davis and Kerry Yaxley
  3. Dave Cowan and Shannon Bottrill

Extreme 2WD

  1. Harleigh Uren
  2. Colin and Peter Doney
  3. Karl Richardson and Shane Walsh

Performance 2WD

  1. Matthew and Jeremy Beck
  2. Daniel Fahey and Hayden Cowan
  3. Darren and Jordan Russell

SXS Sport

  1. Mark Wainwright and Kevin Dimsdale

SXS Turbo

  1. Drew Millar and Hayley Channing
  2. Gavin Rodgers and Latia Reeves
  3. Michael Ware and Robert Ansingh

Production 4WD

  1. Tim and Shaun Murray
  2. Travis Epis and Blake Pugh
  3. Nic and Sebastian Jennings

Extreme 4WD

  1. John Purshouse and Jason Galea
  2. Nicholas Van Geest and James Eames
  3. Mitchell and Owen Davies


Story and videos by WAORC Media Partner: Remote Imaging Solutions

Section 1 of the 2018 Marsue Transport Bencubbin 400

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Check out the great footage from the first section of the 2018 Marsue Transport Bencubbin 400 :



Also current race standings here: S1ResultsS1FinalCombined

Carnarvon Motel WAORC Progressive Championship Points Table

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As we approach Round 3 of the Carnarvon Motel WAORC  – The Marsue Transport Bencubbin 400, make sure you check out the document below that has all the points for each class to date. This is the official CAMS progressive totals for everyone at the end of round 2.


2018 Coral Coast Helicopters Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash – Final Results

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The final results were widely publicised on completion of the 2018 Coral Coast Helicopters Kickstartes Gascoyne Dash as many people and organisations were present for this exciting event.

We re-cap the results below with images from the presentation night. Everyone had a blast at the ‘Gas Dash’ and it is with great anticipation that we await the event next year. Again, a huge shout out to the Gascoyne Off-Road Racing Club for their monumental efforts in making the ‘Gas Dash’ what it was!

See some of the UAV footage of the race here:

  1. Day 1 Video
  2. Day 2 Video

Click HERE for Results Outright

Click HERE for Results By Class

Outright winners of the 2018 Gas Dash Shane and Curt Elphinstone

Results for Pro Buggy:

  1. Shane and Curt Elphinstone
  2. Darren Agrela and Ryan Barton
  3. Troy Schoen and Debbie Schoen

Results for Prolite:

  1. Jared Percival and Darryn Beckett
  2. Malcolm Yeardley and Stephen Ketteridge
  3. George Metaxas and Coel Trewhella

Results for SportsLite:

  1. Deon Visagie
  2. Peter Barrett and Gabbie Bamford

Results for Super 1650:

  1. Michael Davis and Kerry Yaxley

Results for Extreme 2WD:

  1. Colin Doney and Peter Doney
  2. Greg Pcikersgill and Greg Finlay
  3. Darryl Hardman and Bob Smith

Results for Production 2WD:

  1. Russ Cullen and Fluffy Fahey
  2. Matthew Beck and Jeremy Beck

Results for SXS Sport:

  1. Mark Wainwright and Kevin Dimsdale

Results for SXS Turbo:

  1. Michael Ware and Robert Ansingh
  2. Chris Unstead and Nick Scolaro

Results for Production 4WD:

  1. Travis Epis and Asher Hyland
  2. Darren Schultz and Barry Schultz
  3. Gary Kirkwood and David Michelmore

Results for Extreme 4WD:

  1. Mitchell Davies and Owen Davies
  2. Nicholas van Geest and James Eames
  3. Mark Murray and Jim Ingham