2018 Coral Coast Helicopters Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash – Final Results

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The final results were widely publicised on completion of the 2018 Coral Coast Helicopters Kickstartes Gascoyne Dash as many people and organisations were present for this exciting event.

We re-cap the results below with images from the presentation night. Everyone had a blast at the ‘Gas Dash’ and it is with great anticipation that we await the event next year. Again, a huge shout out to the Gascoyne Off-Road Racing Club for their monumental efforts in making the ‘Gas Dash’ what it was!

See some of the UAV footage of the race here:

  1. Day 1 Video
  2. Day 2 Video

Click HERE for Results Outright

Click HERE for Results By Class

Outright winners of the 2018 Gas Dash Shane and Curt Elphinstone

Results for Pro Buggy:

  1. Shane and Curt Elphinstone
  2. Darren Agrela and Ryan Barton
  3. Troy Schoen and Debbie Schoen

Results for Prolite:

  1. Jared Percival and Darryn Beckett
  2. Malcolm Yeardley and Stephen Ketteridge
  3. George Metaxas and Coel Trewhella

Results for SportsLite:

  1. Deon Visagie
  2. Peter Barrett and Gabbie Bamford

Results for Super 1650:

  1. Michael Davis and Kerry Yaxley

Results for Extreme 2WD:

  1. Colin Doney and Peter Doney
  2. Greg Pcikersgill and Greg Finlay
  3. Darryl Hardman and Bob Smith

Results for Production 2WD:

  1. Russ Cullen and Fluffy Fahey
  2. Matthew Beck and Jeremy Beck

Results for SXS Sport:

  1. Mark Wainwright and Kevin Dimsdale

Results for SXS Turbo:

  1. Michael Ware and Robert Ansingh
  2. Chris Unstead and Nick Scolaro

Results for Production 4WD:

  1. Travis Epis and Asher Hyland
  2. Darren Schultz and Barry Schultz
  3. Gary Kirkwood and David Michelmore

Results for Extreme 4WD:

  1. Mitchell Davies and Owen Davies
  2. Nicholas van Geest and James Eames
  3. Mark Murray and Jim Ingham