Mid Season Scrutiny meeting a success

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The Western Australian Off Road Racing Championship continues to develop and strengthen its position as one of the leading off road racing series in Australia. Recently a meeting of scrutineers was held to ensure consistency from round to round as well as improve training of scrutineers. The meeting was chaired by the AORC CAMS Technical Delegate, Daniel Rogers and was attended by scrutineers from Off Road Racing WA Inc, WAORRA and Western Desert Racers.

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Questions were fielded in relation to specific rule interpretations and with open discussion; all scrutineers were able to find an accurate and consistent ruling. This will see a better scrutiny experience for competitors as well as consistency across all races. Competitors should be reminded that as a condition of entry, they are signing that they have read and understand the rules and class regulations and that their vehicles complies with these regulations


With the success of this meeting, the WA Off Road Advisory Panel has tentatively set out for the scrutineers to meet at the start of every season prior to the first race of the year to recap any rule changes, as well as mid-season to review any scrutiny issues from the first 3 WAORC rounds of the year. This continued push for improvement as well as encouraging and training new scrutineers will continue to see off road racing in Western Australia thrive and grow into the future. Thankyou to all scrutineers who attended